Computer Science Principles


Computer Science: Principles is a proposed AP course under development that seeks to broaden participation in computing and computer science. Development is being led by a team of computer science educators organized by the College Board and the National Science Foundation.

In this area, the Pencil Code team is developing materials to use with the Principles course.

Unit 1: Creativity

Project 1: Create art with Turtle graphics. (Activity to be written.)

Project 2: Create interactive fiction. (Activity to be written.)

Unit 2: Abstraction

Project 1: Create images out of numbers and binary bits. (Activity to be written.)

Project 2: Experiments in boolean logic. (Activity to be written.)

Unit 3: Data

Project 1: Researching demographics using Census data. (Activity to be written.)

Unit 4: Algorithms

Project 1: Euclid's algorithm. (Activity to be written.)

Project 2: Polygons and stars. (Activity to be written.)

Project 3: Searching and efficiency. (Activity to be written.)

Project 4: 8 Queens, a difficult problem. (Activity to be written.)

Project 5: Minecraft crafting, an impossible problem. (Activity to be written.)